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Branding & Marketing

Having delivered world-class concert and festival events to literally tens of thousands of attendees and subscribers for over three decades, PWI has established and manages enduring entertainment brands and events that convey the spirit of community and the joy of the human experience. Our social media, email campaigns, cross-promotions and product placement instincts are at the foundation of continued brand relevance.

At PWI, we believe that merely deploying the most cutting-edge marketing tools is not enough to engage a potential supporter or subscriber. Although techniques have changed, one thing remains the same: Audience Development. The old “build it, and they will come” paradigm is dead…we realize you must develop a relationship with your community. In other words, they must trust you! We place a very high value on that trust…

Event Management

PWI Media specializes in event management for Performing Artist, Venues, and arts organizations.  From concept to execution, we provide a level of service that is unmatched in the performing arts industry.

At PWI, we understand that every successful event requires meticulous attention to detail and a greater vision of the big picture.  That is why our team provides the full spectrum of professional skills that you need.  We offer a comprehensive set of event management services that include:

  • Event administration and management

  • Branding and marketing

  • Budget and financial management

  • Artist contacting

  • Venue and vendor relationship management

  • Staff and volunteer management

  • Sponsorship support

  • Operations management

Allow us to manage your next event and discover why we are the best in the business.

PWI has produced and managed every type of event imaginable. Whether it’s a small club, mid-sized performing arts center or major multi-day festival — our experienced and professional team can make the right calls at every point during the design, development and execution of your project.

Our virtual army of experts span the gamut of professional event management. From budget administration to vendor relations, from sponsor development to stakeholder engagement, from audio and light design to remote recording: we are your only stop for comprehensive event management.

Talent Agency

Securing great talent requires not only a budget, but a knack for great pairings (sorta like fine wine and good cheese!). PWI does not offer a “cattle call” of disparate talent; rather, we carefully curate our talent roster with excellence and our audiences in mind.

Our choices reflect some of the best established, emerging and new talent available. Regardless of genre or style, PWI delivers dynamic artists and bands with something unique to offer.

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