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Northern NJ’s biggest free blues festival!

The South Mountain International Blues Festival (formerly the South Orange International Blues Festival) has attracted tens of thousands of music lovers for a decade to Essex County, and has featured the very best regional and international blues performers — to the thrill of appreciative audiences every year. It has been our pleasure an honor to showcase “America’s Classical Music: THE BLUES”, and all of the talented artists who dedicate themselves to its legacy and preservation.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the festival site location at ESSEX COUNTY S. MOUNTAIN RESERVATION has been repurposed — and is now significantly paved over and serving as overflow parking for the Zoo and Waterfront. Sadly, the perfect natural amphitheater which was once a huge draw for the event has now been eliminated.

We are proud of the work we have done these last ten years;

many of you have met old and new friends annually in this truly unique cultural environment, and your love and support have made the difference. Similarly, hundreds of professional musicians and performers have come together and “made a joyful noise” to the delight of all. On behalf of the North Jersey Blues Alliance and The Festival, we thank the County of Essex for the opportunity to provide a truly world-class event to the public. 

Most of all, we thank all of the music lovers and supporters over the years who made this incredible journey possible…and we look forward to the Festival’s “Next Act” in a future location near you.












Musically Yours,
Mike Griot

The SOIBF and the SMIBF
2010-2022….and beyond!

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